Alchemy5 Workshops

July 31-August 7, 2019 at the University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

Please see the initial list of instructors for the workshops below. You will be notified when registration is open.




1 Gillie Hoyt Byrom Portrait Minatures (2)
2 Heejoo Kim Enameling on Texture (2)
3 Sarah Perkins Vessels
4 Judy Stone 3-D Color and Enamel Layering
5 Aurélie Guillaume Cloisonné – Opaques (2)
6 John Killmaster Granular Spray, Sgraffito and Enamel Crayons
7 Sharon Massey Champlevé - Steel
8 Kathleen Wilcox Use of Foils - Larger scale enameling
9 Anne Havel Torch Firing
10 Marissa Saneholtz Saw and Solder Champlevé
11 Sydney Scherr Cloisonné - Transparents